How to Make Money by Having Your Own Streaming Platform

May 30, 2023

It had already been a few years since video and live streaming had taken off so rapidly. As fast and super-fast broadband and 4G networks become more prevalent, video has emerged as one of the most popular ways to share content over the internet in a variety of formats.

Internet traffic attributed to video streaming was over 80% in 2020. As video streaming is incredibly popular, many people wonder if you can earn money live streaming. This is a simple answer, yes. Live streaming online is without a doubt an avenue for making money, but how much you can earn depends on how much work you put into it and how good your content is.

The possibilities for live streaming money are endless these days, whether you use dedicated video-sharing channels like YouTube or Twitch, social media like Facebook or Twitter’s Periscope. Staylive provides you the freedom to do whatever you want with your live streaming platform and you can perform any kind of task with it whether you want to earn some money through it by launching different programs through it.

Here are some valuable tips on how to make money with your content:

1. Pay-per-view content

You can plan and develop good, appealing live content and sell tickets directly to your audience to monetize your live streams in your Staylive platform. This is probably the most valuable way to monetize your content.

Alternatively, you can use a community group and stream gated content through the group. You can then broadcast your live video stream using Staylive solutions.

A pay-per-view model can also be used to facilitate exclusive coaching and tuition to individuals or groups. Live streaming makes this possible due to the audience interaction element and Staylive has a lot of great alternatives to enable that.

2. Sponsorship, brand deals, and affiliate sales

In order to begin approaching connected brands on individuals for sponsorship deals or affiliate partnership deals, you will need to have built a decent-sized audience or community (100+ regular viewers is a decent audience).

Guitarists who perform and teach live streams might approach guitar manufacturers or guitar publications to promote their brands in exchange for sponsorship. Other musicians and guitarists might consider partnering and selling each other’s products.

In live video streaming content creation, band partnerships and affiliate programs can be very valuable income streams due to their tendency to increase in profitability as your audience grows. In order to secure the most lucrative brand deals for your live broadcasts, you will need a large audience of live viewers. With Staylive white-label platform solution, you can reach out to your community regardless of what type of content you create.

3. Regular payments

If you are interested in making regular payments from viewers, you may want to offer access to exclusive streams for a regular fee rather than waiting for people to tip you. The difference between this and a subscription is that there is no contractual commitment and payments can be stopped at any time.

Several live streaming services offer regular payment options, including YouTube and Twitch. It is also possible to profit from our live streaming by creating an online community on a platform such as Disciple, which has integrated payment processing capabilities. Staylive comes with an in-built payment solution which means you can directly get paid from your audience in your account and do not have to share your personal information with them.

4. Advertising revenue

Making money from ads is a double-edged sword. The potential for advertising in your content can be very lucrative, especially if you have a large and loyal audience that won’t mind ads. However, if you have a small or medium-sized audience, you might not earn enough from ads to compensate for the potential for annoyance.

As well, many people use ad-blockers in their browsers these days, which might lower your earnings when the total number of ad views is calculated.

Ads are best placed on the main social media platforms and video streaming platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. And you can use your other social channels to engage your community. You can learn all about it on our previous post, here.

5. Asking for tips or donations

You can easily monetize your live stream audience by asking for a tip or donation directly. Your audience will realize you have to make a living, and if they appreciate your video content enough, they will gladly give you a few bucks.

In these days’ platforms, tipping services are commonplace.

The idea of making a living from tips and donations is not an easy one, but if you are just starting, it is a good place to start, and it can prove to yourself that you are capable of earning a living from live streaming. The fact that people pay you for making streams is a nice proof of concept for you.

6. Sell your own merchandise

To make your merch business viable, you must have a larger-than-average audience, but it need not be a huge one. If you have 1 000 or more regular viewers of your live streams, you can start thinking about getting your merch manufacturer – anything from branded T-shirts to branded hats.

It is true that merch won’t make you wealthy, but it can be an excellent way to top up your income and engage with your audience.

Final thoughts

Due to the recent global pandemic which shut everything down around the world and restricted people to their homes, many performers and instructors, coaches, and other such professionals who depended on live audiences have had difficulty sustaining their businesses. It is relatively easy to do live streaming online and you can quickly gain an audience if you are offering value to your audience. Live streaming has given many people in these kinds of businesses a new way to generate revenue.

There are also many different ways to monetize your live streams, including by creating an exclusive online community and streaming directly from there. One of the most effective ways to do this is to create an online community and stream directly from there.

Staylive offers many white-label platform solutions, certainly one is fitted to your business! Reach out on the button below to know more on how to create your streaming platform with us!

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