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How to Engage Your Audience With Live Streaming

May 30, 2023

The popularity of live streaming has prompted many social platforms to invest in live streaming over the last few years, enabling brands and marketers to host press conferences, product launches, presentations, and demos. Furthermore, more platforms are offering live-streaming solutions than ever before. Live streaming gives brands the ability to showcase their products and services authentically and drive real results.

However, audience engagement is another key metric of a successful live stream. Here are some tips to get your audience engaged.

How to Keep Your Audience Engaged During a Live Stream

The most important factor in a successful live stream is audience engagement, according to 49% of marketers. In addition, 78% of businesses believe that engagement leads to an ROI. An important strategy is to keep the audience interested by offering unique and interactive ways to interact. Staylive provides you with complete editing tools which enable you to keep the audience engaged through effects and through launching different programs.

It’s not just polls and lives chats that can increase viewer interest in your streams, but they can also make them memorable for everyone watching. Here, we are going to discuss some of the best ways to engage those who matter most to you.

Know and Cater to Your Target Audience

Identifying your target viewers and what they want to see is the first step in creating an engaging live stream. Use Google Analytics to determine what demographics are most likely to visit your page. Also, you can find out what industry and occupation your landing page leads come from by checking out your lead magnet. Staylive gives complete control of the program, live stream, and audience to the person who is launching all this and he can manage everything the way he wants to without any trouble.

Make sure you promote your event on platforms that your target audience will be on. Direct emails can be used for corporate or internal leaders who want to attend an exclusive live event. Facebook and other social media platforms can be very effective for young adults and teenagers.

Make Sure Your Platform Is HQ

Viewers can struggle to understand what live stream operators are saying due to distorted images and audio that are inconsistent with each other.

With Staylive, your streaming will be presented in high definition. This will make viewers feel as if they are sitting next to the speakers, which will enhance engagement and production.

Break Down Large Information Into Smaller Points

Having set up your platform, you need to ensure that you provide clear and concise information so your viewers can fully comprehend what you are saying. If your message is all over the place and not logically providing necessary information, then it would be tough for the audience to comprehend.

Pre-plan the live stream with your panelist and come up with a rundown that includes timestamps when topics should be switched, which will ensure that the show runs smoothly. The best way to integrate topics within the schedule is by loading your talking points into Rundown. These talking points with contributing to creating a greater picture that will help to make the show more successful.

Enable Chat While Live Streaming

Adding a live chat option during virtual events can increase sales conversion by 21%. Businesses have observed that including a live chat option during virtual events increases engagement by 150%.

Chat boxes can be included in your live stream so that your panelists can talk to each other and ask questions about your talk. You can also allow experts from other companies to answer your questions from viewers, as well. There is a good chance your audience is watching because they are passionate about the subject matter, they are experts in their fields with something to share with others.

As people interact in audience chat, their excitement builds off of each other and becomes even greater. Investing in your products or services, listening to what you are saying and taking it to heart, or any other goal you want to achieve is more likely to happen to excited people. At Staylive, chat options are always present during the live streaming options and you do to ask the platform to add it separately, and through this, you can chat anytime with your audience.

Quiz Your Audience

Your live stream can be made more engaging when you create this kind of interaction with your audience. Send out quiz questions, and viewers can lay trivia games anonymously against each other to view their smartphones.

The live stream will encourage people to show off their knowledge of what you are talking about. The more people who pay attention to the stream, the more points they will rack up!

Your viewers will increasingly interact with each other as well as with your panelists by doing this, just as they will with a live chat.

Set Time Aside for Q&A

Polling is one of the most effective ways for marketers to keep their viewer's attention. It allows them to respond to what’s being said, thereby making them more attentive, and increasing their chances of responding. The same goes for Q&A sessions.

People can reach out  immediately after each bullet point on the agenda if you hold a short Q&A sessions throughout your stream rather than just doing one at the end.

Your audience will therefore benefit from a more cohesive and organised stream to interact with during the presentation.


With the advent of live streaming features in social media platforms and the emergence of live streaming platforms, live streams have become increasingly popular and have the potential to increase brand awareness and engagement. Furthermore, you should follow certain steps to maximize its effectiveness. Reach out on the button below to know more on how to create your streaming platform with Staylive!

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