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About Us

Staylive AB is a Swedish streaming solutions company founded in 2013 with an objective and philosophy to make video streaming platforms more accessible, easier to operate, and to maximise stakeholder return. So simple, that everyone should be able to use it without high technical knowledge or ability to invest in startup costs - supporting the idea to make it available for a broad range of content owners. The startup culture and dedication is recognised in everything we do and where we are going to.

Currently one of the leading Streaming and OTT technology solutions providers in Europe, Staylive is an operating unit of Spring Media, Headquartered in Sweden. We distribute more than 5.000.000 hours of content per year across sport, entertainment and lifestyle content brands.


To become top #1 reference when it comes to customised streaming platforms and digital solutions.


Provide a quality streaming platform for all content creators with fair rates and simplicity of operation. Transparency in payments, quality technical support, and a familiar approach with the support of a large company.


Partnership - We are a long-term partner that helps you grow your business rather than a technical provider.
Simplicity - We are easy to work with, you can get started right away and with transparent pricing.
Confidence - You are in safe hands with us. We make the technology work for you.
Support Excellency - Our team is made of highly qualified people who are always ready to help.

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