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Why choose Staylive

August 1, 2022

Staylive AB is a Stockholm founded and headquartered streaming media technology and services company.  We stream over one million hours of live content annually for over 100 international customers across the sports media, lifestyle and entertainment sectors.  

Our clients span all tiers on sports and entertainment, including national leagues, international federations, clubs, competitions, news and information media brands.

Staylive is born of a true passion for effectiveness when it comes to streaming.  Recognising the obstacles faced by niche content, but one challenged from a representation, distribution and audience access perspective, Staylive was built to transform the way in which the content is distributed and consumed.  

The solution built by Staylive is a premium, enterprise class platform with the inherent flexibility to scale and serve audiences of any size, anywhere in the world.  Our operational team & video head end services manage scores of concurrent live events on peak match days. - We have a deep understanding of live content and how best to deliver to an expectant audience at scale.  

Further, our UI and CMS provides the design flexibility and excellence necessary in enabling a powerful destination OTT to be built accordingly to your brand guidelines and match its style.

As audience interactions change, we offer support for video, spoken word (podcasts) and editorial. This level of flexibility is unrivalled in the streaming platform market and is key to multi-club league formats as they grow a digital presence.

Why Choose Staylive

We offer a lot of possibilities:

  • Build, launch and maintain a premium global destination OTT platform
  • Provide multi-device coverage spanning web, iOS/Android mobile, Casting and Apple TV with future Smart TV iterations possible as required
  • Provide all tooling and software elements needed to successfully operate an enterprise grade D2C streaming solution, including:
  • Live Operations ingest, QA, management & support
  • Content Management System for Live and VOD assets
  • Real-Time analytics and reporting engine
  • Customer data platform
  • Payment gateway and transaction processing portal
  • Sponsor activations and feature presence
  • Geo-blocking and geo-policy implementation
  • A beyond video OTT experience, allowing rich editorial and podcast content formats to be surfaced from launch
  • Flexible monetisation models spanning SVOD, AVOD, PPV and more
  • Create dynamic entitlement packages that allow access all areas (all clubs, all games) through to month passes, individual game buys and the flexibility to create more as needed
  • Provide end-user customer support
  • Provide a commercial model that de-risks launch and which maximises revenue return to its stakeholders.  i.e. A revenue share, with no upfront or recurring annual fees

Our work to date with multiple clients globally allows us to enable a rapid deployment in market and an onward execution/activation plan to ensure success in Year 1 and beyond.

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