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The Swedish Wrestling Federation signs with Staylive

September 29, 2022

The collaboration between The Swedish Wrestling Federation and Staylive began in the spring of 2022, when JSM and Senior SM were broadcast on the company's web platform.

- The use of live streaming is increasing throughout society and in this way we hope to create a joint web platform for Swedish Wrestling where you can find our competitions, but where the associations can also find an extra source of income, says Samuel Lund, Secretary General of the Swedish Wrestling Federation.

The Swedish Wrestling Federation will broadcast all SM competitions for 2023 and 2024 via Staylive. However, the broadcasts will be produced by different companies.

- We at Staylive are proud to collaborate with Swedish Wrestling and this spring's SM competitions show that there is a real interest in the sport and its practitioners. It is an interest that we will try to satisfy together by professionally showing all major competitions on a national level, but also being there for local clubs and practitioners who want to live stream their competitions. Together we build Swedish Wrestling stronger, says Linus Malmborg, Business Developer at Staylive;

The agreement between The Swedish Wrestling Federation and Staylive extends to 2024.

During the autumn, there will be more information on how associations can collaborate with Staylive and broadcast their competitions via the platform and increase revenues.

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