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The most effective tool to monetize your owned content

May 30, 2023

We make streaming work; Technically, financially and for the benefit of all content, audience, commercial and brand stakeholders.

Staylive streams over one million hours of live content annually for over 100 international customers across the sports media, lifestyle and entertainment sectors.

Our clients span all tiers and categories and include national leagues, international federations, clubs, competitions, broadcasters and aggregators. A subsidiary of the Spring Media Group, our combined expertise spans content, technology, production, distribution, growth marketing and more.  

The solution built by Staylive is a premium, enterprise class platform with the inherent flexibility to scale and serve audiences of any size, anywhere in the world.  Our operational team & video head end services manage scores of concurrent live events on peak match days. - We have a deep understanding of live and linear content and how best to deliver to an expectant audience at scale.

Furthermore, our User Interface (UI) and Content Management System (CMS) provides the design flexibility and excellence necessary in enabling a powerful destination OTT whilst also ensuring each featured content category or area of speciality can be dynamically presented with relevant brand credentials within the UI.

Stream your owned content easily using just a mobile device with the Staylive Broadcaster App

Founded in 2013, Staylive has quietly established itself as a high efficiency, high performance technology platform for content streaming and distribution.  For almost a decade we have been the trusted DTC partner for leagues, federations and clubs internationally and have built a client base of over 120 sport and entertainment leaders across the industry.

The Staylive Platform is an enterprise class solution, scaling across video head end, gateway and egress. Our CMS has been built to provide a ‘beyond video’ experience, allowing rich editorial and podcast content formats to be surfaced from launch.

Some of our Platform Features:

o Live and Linear Operations ingest engine

o Live and Linear content encode, transcode and repackaging

o Support for multiple concurrent live event streaming events

o Content Management System (CMS) for Live, Linear, VOD, spoken word (Pod) and editorial assets

o Real-Time analytics and reporting engine

o Customer data platform

o Payment gateway and transaction processing portal

o Sponsor activations and feature presence

o Geoblocking and geo-policy implementation

o Stream security

o Broadcast syndication

o Video player (can be integrated via API with third parties)

o Support for AVOD, SVOD, PPV, FAST monetisation models

o UI/UX – Web, mobile web, iOS, Android, Casting

Advanced user control features including:

o Pause live

o Live on tape

o Timeline markers

o Live chat

o Social sharing

o UI/UX - Smart TV

o Growth Marketing Managed Service

o End User Support outside of EU timezone

Staylive is a one-stop shop when it comes to plan, launch and run your streaming platform. Reach out with the button below to learn more.

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