Staylive Partners with Czech Floorball to Transform Elite Competition Viewing Experience

August 23, 2023

Czech floorball is poised for a groundbreaking shift as it enters the new season with an exciting partnership. Staylive, the Swedish-based broadcasting company specializing in sports events, part of the Spring Media Group, has joined forces with Czech Floorball to revolutionize the way fans experience elite competitions. The partnership brings forth a new era of premium content delivery, enhancing the fan experience and propelling the sport of floorball into the future.

Under this collaboration, Staylive's cutting-edge video platform,, will be the exclusive home for elite floorball competitions. From the Livesport Superliga to the Women's Extraliga and Men's 1st League matches, fans can now enjoy the action-packed games on this modern and user-friendly platform. The platform offers live broadcasts, recordings, and post-match interviews, all accessible through a convenient payment gateway.

"The goal is to offer a more modern and fan-friendly platform for watching content from elite competitions. This is an important step in the Czech sports environment, we want to be the leaders of this industry and move floorball constantly forward. We believe that this change is a support not only for our sport as such but also on the way to improving the fan experience, which is very important to us," states Daniel Novák, President of Czech Floorball.

Importantly, the platform is designed to support the clubs. Clubs will have the opportunity to create their own channels, engaging with their existing and potential fans on a new level. Through the purchase of access to the video platform, fans can directly contribute to their favorite club's development.
"By introducing this innovative step, we're opening up new avenues for both Staylive and Czech floorball. Through our collaboration and shared expertise, we've created a unique and valuable product. We're excited for a great and long-lasting partnership," says Zana Avci, Head of Business at Staylive.

In addition to club competitions, the platform will also feature selected matches from the Czech national team and other engaging video content. Spectators can choose from a range of packages to tailor their viewing experience.

The launch of this partnership comes after the successful testing of the new platform during the ŠKO-ENERGO CUP, where top-quality streams garnered positive feedback from fans. This bold move to a modern video platform represents a significant stride for Czech floorball and sets a precedent for the sports industry.

"We found a great partner in the field of streaming which is experienced in the world of sport and floorball as well. I am convinced that we are gaining access to great tools for presenting Czech Elite Floorball matches in order to grow the quality of our product and the floorball potential. We are looking forward to our cooperation between Staylive and Czech Floorball and hope we can learn and innovate along the way so floorball and its content stays relevant and interesting for our fans worldwide," says Roman Urbář, Director of Marketing and Communication at Czech Floorball.

This partnership with Staylive also marks a milestone in the company’s global expansion, allowing the Czech league to reach floorball enthusiasts across the globe.
Staylive's expertise, coupled with Czech Floorball's dedication to progress, is set to elevate the fan experience and propel floorball into a new era of digital engagement. With the introduction of, floorball enthusiasts can look forward to an immersive and exhilarating viewing experience like never before.
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About Staylive AB
Staylive AB, a Spring Media Company, is the leader in live sports streaming technology, delivering in excess of 400 live events per week to a globally distributed audience. Its streaming platform powers governing bodies, federations, leagues and clubs worldwide and is underpinned by additional related services across growth marketing, consulting and more. Established in 2013, Staylive is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

About Czech Floorball
With more than 76,000 members, Czech floorball is the largest indoor sport in the Czech Republic. A total of 2,500 teams in nine age categories, identical for men and women, play around 400 competitions in up to 9 levels. Over 30,000 games are played in a season, with an average of one thousand each game weekend.
Floorball can also fill the largest Czech sports hall, Prague's O2 Arena - 16,276 spectators are currently the highest Czech attendance at a single floorball match (World Championship Final, 9 December 2018), the same hall also hosted a league record attendance of 12,538 spectators (Superfinal, 16 April 2023).

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