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Key Benefits of Building an Online Community

November 14, 2022

Increasing transparency across the web has made business facts and opinions more accessible to consumers. A plethora of information is available online - from social media channels to e-commerce - and consumers use this information to make informed purchases.

Content owners must ask themselves, how should they respond to this situation? Further, what are the strategies to impress the audience and gain a competitive advantage based on this behaviour? Consumers actively researching your brand represent a great opportunity to engage with them. However, what's the most effective way to do so without appearing pushy or tacky? Engaging is at the heart of everything. Building trust with people who believe in your brand and purpose requires engaging with consumers in full transparency.

Staylive is an excellent platform for any person who wants to build their online community as it provides all the necessary tools to build one from nothing. Moreover, it helps in live stream, creating content or doing anything to engage with the community.

However, many content owners are hesitant to create online communities for their brands. Managing another platform feels time-consuming to some, and labour-intensive to others. Community involvement can, however, increase brand awareness, trust, and loyalty. As a result of building a community, you will be able to reap the following four benefits:

1. Boosts your brand awareness

Word-of-mouth has a powerful effect on us all. Despite centuries of evolution, it's still a powerful form of marketing. Word-of-mouth marketing is regarded as the most effective form of marketing by 64% of marketers, according to Semrush.

The recommendation of friends and family is important to people in the business world. Millennials were more likely to purchase a product or service if a friend recommended it, according to a study by Annex Cloud. The Internet plays a significant role in a business - which is why it should be included in your business strategy.

Staylive makes it easy for the audience to know more about the product as you can display it on your live stream and can provide them content through your own platform.

It is essentially unofficial brand ambassadors who speak positively about your content. Often, brands reward ambassadors for their loyalty by investing time and effort. Brands recognize the value of investing in consumer rewards, even though it may seem time-consuming.

2. Fosters dynamic relationships

Content owners can benefit greatly from listening to their audience through communities. They can benefit from communities, as well as honest feedback, which facilitates growth.

The experience of customers within communities is quite transparent. Social media platforms may not be as honest and upfront as other platforms. Others embrace this challenge, while others find it daunting. Consider the latter option, in our opinion. A brand can benefit from both positive and negative feedback.

When people give you bad testimonials constantly about your delivery method, your e-commerce website, or your product, there's probably a gap in the market to fill. Customers are the ones who go through the full user journey from start to finish, and reviews speak volumes. To make a purchase online, 97% of consumers read online reviews first. You can benefit greatly from the information and experience buyers have - use it wisely.

3. Creates a higher level of customer support

It is through communities that people can share their experiences, but they can also get help from other buyers. The role of customer support in running a business is paramount, and impactful communities assist members in their decisions.

As a result of support conversations, others have the opportunity to learn, share, and engage more frequently. Brands that own communities benefit most from fostering discussion. By watching an instructional video or reading a blog post, buyers get a more meaningful experience.

Humans are drawn to each other because of their connection, and communities are perfectly suited for it - people can connect and help one another. This one has three things in it, which is customer support, engagement, and appreciation. It does not matter what kind of support you need, Staylive is always there to help you in this regard.

4. Cultivates brand loyalty

As a result of feeling heard, appreciated and part of a community that understands them, community members tend to stay with brands. The digital age has revealed how important the role of community is to the success of brands.

The average person has just twenty-four hours in a day, which includes sleep, work, and chores, and most of their free time is consumed by social relationships. Those who spend some of their free time with their community are privileged.

It is a fact that the more time a brand invests in your community, product, or service, the more likely they are to respect and value it. Businesses must get involved and offer rewards to those individuals for their commitment. Communities are more likely to reward those who commit.

5. Generate Highly Engaged Content

It is no secret that Web 2.0 relies heavily on user-generated content. Any content owner can - and should - create good content. Dynamic-engaged content convinces users to return to your website repeatedly. By visiting your website repeatedly, you let the user know who you are.

As your community grows, you will see more content being produced by your members. It is important not to forget that internet users today are more interested in what other people have to say than they are in what companies have to say. Why not give people what they want to have in their lives? Besides if your users produce content, you will have more exposure.

6. Enhanced Customer Information

It is easy to observe how the customer base is changing and evolving if you encourage customers to complete their profiles and keep a close eye on their habits and practices. People will give you a deeper insight into their minds if you give them the freedom to express themselves while respecting their privacy.


Community building is a powerful tool for making your business more relevant. Connecting with like-minded individuals, interacting with them, advising them, and advocating on your platform can make these changes. It is also an excellent way to connect with your clients on a more personal level.

Ideally, communities boost brand awareness and offer a competitive advantage if they are done well. The time to introduce a community is now. The competition isn’t working and if you are the first one in the market, you are likely to attract many passionate and creative members.

Staylive offers many white-label platform solutions, certainly one is fitted to your business! Reach out on the button below to know more on how to create your streaming platform with us!

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