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Hockeyettan announces that Staylive is renewed as streaming partner

May 30, 2023

Here are great news for the clubs and fans in Hockeyettan: Today we announce that the TV broadcasts for the coming season are ready.
Staylive will continue to broadcast the matches on the existing platform and the new agreement is now renewed for five years.

-This is a big agreement for us and it feels good that it is finally in place, says Jens Israelsson, CEO of Hockeyettan.

The agreement with ATG, which broadcast Hockeyettan for three seasons, expired last spring, and during the summer the league's board and new CEO Jens Israelsson worked hard to get a new partner for greatest broadcast resolution. Now it has finally arrived.

Hockeyettan has, together with the clubs, decided that Staylive will become the new exclusive partner of Hockeyettan. Staylive, which has been a partner for the past three years and built and provided the streaming platform we broadcast on, will be a new partner starting with the season premiere this fall.

-This is a big agreement for us and it feels good that it is finally in place. Now we are going to work very hard so that there will be good experiences and broadcasts this autumn, says Jens Israelsson, CEO of Hockeyettan.

The work to ensure good broadcasts has been ongoing throughout August and will now be stepped up further.

-As a long former supplier to Hockeyettan, we are now very happy to develop it into a partnership instead. Working for the good of the league, together with all member associations, feels very good, says Pontus Karsbo, CEO of Staylive.

A novelty in the agreement is that the clubs themselves can now earn extra money by getting their fans to buy the matches. For each subscription sold to the respective club - the buyers can choose the club themselves on the platform when the purchase is to be completed - SEK 50 goes directly to their chosen club.

The clubs will also be able to receive income based on the number of viewers, at both home and away matches.

During the beginning of the series games, there will be three options to buy the matches:

-Monthly subscription
-Season subscription

Hockeyettan and Staylive are working together on the final details and will soon release exact prices and subscriptions and how to order the matches.

-We have 38 out of 40 clubs with us in this and that is very positive. We are working to get all the clubs involved in this and of course that would have been the optimal thing in our ambition to build the league, but right now we are not there yet. We will come back to that matter, but the important thing is to be able to go out and tell the fans and the clubs that we are now clear with a new agreement and that the matches will be broadcast this autumn, says Jens Israelsson.

Hockeyettan and Staylive are now also actively working together to bring in more partnerships for the league association.

-As part of the new partnership, Hockeyettan together with Staylive will look at the packaging of the media rights. This means that the parties intend to find, to relevant partners, new partnerships for the league through sub-licensing and other well-developed collaborations. We work together for a stated goal - to maximize Hockeyettan's development, says Staylive CEO Pontus Karsbo.

The new agreement takes effect from the series premiere on September 30.

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