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Get started right away building your white label platform with our easy editing tools. If you need help we are of course there for you.

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Offer subscriptions or one-time purchases. Built in payment solutions for all major credit cards, PayPal and Swish.

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You have full control over the platform and always own your content and users.

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Stream live games and events on your platform. Support basic standards such as  events and showcase on-demand content.

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Publish apps for iOS, Apple TV and Android to create the best experience for your audience.


Proud to be one of the most stable and secure platforms on the market with 99.9% uptime, SSL encryption and following latest payment standards including PA-DSS PCI.
Trusted by fantastic brands


From the roaring engines to the lightning-fast manoeuvres, INDYCAR Live showcases the raw talent and unwavering determination of drivers pushing the limits of human and mechanical performance. INDYCAR Live captures the hearts of motorsport enthusiasts worldwide, delivering exhilarating races and unforgettable moments that ignite the senses.

Fredrik Steen Play

Fredrik Steen Play is the place for you who love dogs. Here, every month you will be able to take part in new live lectures, podcasts, "Call and talk about dogs", tips & advice and much more."Live broadcasts" can also be viewed afterwards if that suits you better.


”Fanseat provides a powerful OTT service developed by our partner Staylive, for federations, leagues, clubs and sporting events to fans with a seamless and quality live streaming experience.” Jean-Maël Gineste
Managing Director Fanseat

Dobb TV

”Dobb.TV was launched 2020. It was time to break stone age media rhetoric and nurturing the relationship we have with our viewers. The subscription channel started and now it was our job to make it fly. We didn’t  know how high - but the first year has surpassed all the expectations by far.” Anders Nettelbladt, Founder Dobb TV

Padel TV

”By entering a partnership with Staylive the Padel Television has been able to livestream the highest league, present news and promote Swedish Padel. We have had a journey of growth that has been amazing towards our community - in less than a year.” Tomas Petterson, Founder Padel TV
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